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Times mentioned below are local time zone where known unless otherwise noted. Schedules do change without notice.

For up to date air dates, check station websites for exact details using the links below:

KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona USA (Sundays 6 am)

Smokin Country (internet radio stream) GA, USA (Saturdays Midnight, Sundays 3 pm)

American Seniors Radio Network, Vancouver, Washington USA (Saturdays 9 pm)

CHSR 97.9 FM Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. (Sundays 11:30 am)

CFMH Local 107.3 FM Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (Tuesdays 10:30am, Saturdays 3:30 pm)

CFTA 107.9 FM Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada (Sundays 10 pm)

Caper Radio 107.3 FM Sydney, NS Canada (Wednesdays 5:30 pm Saturdays 2 pm)

Gateway To The North Radio(internet radio stream) Prince Albert, SK Canada (Fridays 10 pm Sundays 9 am)

Time Capsule Audio Network(internet radio stream) Dartmouth, NS, Canada (internet based) (Sat 7 pm/Sun 4 am & 1 pm)