We've decided to put up some rare and original cuts from the Cheeze Pleeze archives. If you're the artist behind one of these tracks and have a problem with it being here, e-mail and we'll gladly remove it.

To Download the files, move your mouse pointer onto the link below and RIGHT CLICK, then select SAVE TARGET AS.

CHEEZE PLEEZE "SALSA" THEME (Hot Buttered Moondog) 2006
Moondog's latest theme controbution to the show...from elsewhere in the galaxy (remember he's on the payroll of aliens doing experiments with humans) happened to have a little spare time to do a new theme

CHEEZE PLEEZE THEME (Hot Buttered Moondog) 2004
It ain't the cheeze you eat and it ain't the cheeze between your toes. Moondog's peppy polka that you heard and his first theme for the show.

BEHIND THESE WALLS (Doug Bregger) 1987


Doug was kind enough to be cool to let us post these tracks as part of his 1987 album Crystal Arcade which had a limited edition of 500 copies. We give him a spin on the show now and then, and now you can download the cuts we play. You'll have to agree, he certainly is a unique talent!

COFFEE SHOP COP (Mike Makkreel) 1990
A song I thought I'd get into a lawsuit over because I thought it was so cool, I HAD to put it here. Mike himself e-mails us after googling his name online (well, haven't YOU googled YOUR name at some point?) and has some interesting insight into the song " It was written originally for a Police officer friend, as a gag by myself and a friend. Later the whole song was rewritten, and recorded at Sound Stage Studios by Dave Hall. Taken very seriously, the song had many people involved in the making, musicians & investors, Police officers.. costing close to $4000.00 to put it altogether. Guitars were done by Dave Rocco of Burlington With the help of some real police officers for sound effects and voices."Were the police officers paid in donuts? I don't think we should go there, but ya can't help but wonder

DISCO'S IN THE GARBAGE (The Incinerators) 1980
A salute to those who proudly displayed Disco Sucks bumper stickers! Thanks to George Raymond who actually produced this record back in 1980 and e-mailed us with some background info. It was laid down in a whirlwind weekend session for Winnipeg, Manitoba's 92 CITI FM and features Canadian radio legend "Jake Edwards." George couldn't believe someone else had a copy!